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   The Dixson Farms Inc. Simmental program stands on a commitment to cost efficient performance cattle that can thrive in adverse conditions. Our hostile environment has provided selection pressure which has guided us to moderate framed, easy fleshing, and structurally sound cows.

   After heifers are bred for their first calf, they do not receive any grain or silage…EVER!! Heifers are run right with our mature cows and get no additional feeding. They must breed back in the same 45 day period as the cows with no special treatment.

   Our summer calving herd grazes short dry grass through the winter, supplemented with protein. We feed hay only when the grass is covered by a foot or more of snow. Some cows can’t perform in this kind of system; they get a one way trailer ride. As a result, only the tough cows remain here.

   We all three have full-time off farm jobs. We don’t have time to pull calves or work with big dumb calves. We do NOT tolerate birth weights of 100 lbs. or more; bulls are cut, heifers are culled. Our ideal BW is 85 lbs. Despite these lower birth weights, we
still demand performance. Our birth weights are consistently in the 75-95 lb.

range now, and our mature cow size is under control due to the link between mature size and birth weight.

   We use a multi-trait approach to our breeding program. It is our goal to improve growth, maternal, and carcass traits without compromising on birth weight or calving ease. There is also no compromise on the traits which are harder to measure; fertility, fleshing ability, disposition, and structural soundness.

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